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For those who want a sense of freedom. The two main components of this motorcycle are modern technology and retro style. London-inspired motifs moved from England to the modern world, but retained the strong spirit of the ’50s.

Dynamic LED headlight

Adapting to ever-changing road conditions both day and night.

High brightness LED turn signals

The round, cigar-shaped turn signals, developed using seamless ultrasonic welding technology that meets EU safety standards, are water and moisture resistant and emit bright light.

Integrated curved LED tail light

Integrated position lights, brake, license plate lights with sensors that automatically respond to light. This lighting allows you to be seen at an angle of 270 °, which makes driving safer at night.

BOSCH 17-Inch high-performance motor

The 17-inch wheel features a powerful engine developed in collaboration with Bosch. High output power, sudden increase in speed. It is subject to the properties of the C35 magnet; High torque allows a large uphill angle; Efficient energy saving features.

Intelligent life

Intelligent transport platform inspection. Real-time location display, trip tracking. Automatic battery data synchronization. Smart view of travel information the way you choose.

* Supersoco mobile app availability varies by country.

LCD electronic pointer instrument

LCD electronic pointer instrument

An ingenious combination of technology and retro style based on the classic Café Racer
style motorcycle, with the image of a mechanical round instrument panel, is more sophisticated, simpler and more beautiful, as the backlight emphasizes every detail.

SOCO TC Technical specifications

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