Super Soco


Super Soco CUx

Super Soco CUx, an eco-friendly scooter for an active lifestyle. The CUx is powered by a 1.3 kW Bosch engine that delivers easy torque and power for a stylish and confident ride in the city.

Super Soco TS X

Experience the future of green mobility with TSx. The motorcycle frame, modern style and three different gears are what create the dynamics of the TSx.

Super Soco TC-MAX

Super Soco TC Max blends sleek style with a modern look. The high-end and powerful engine is housed in a molded lightweight body, rich in style.

Super Soco TC

For those seeking a sense of freedom. The two main components of this motorcycle are modern technology and retro style.

Super Soco CPx

Super Soco CPx, an eco-friendly scooter for an active lifestyle. The CPx is powered by a powerful engine and with two batteries you can drive up to 180km.

Super Soco CUmini

For those who want to move around the city streets in a fun and comfortable way. The biggest advantages of this scooter are increased driving distance and ergonomic sitting position.